LEGO Education 2000556 : Six Bricks BOX SET六色積木盒裝


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  • 共12 顆粒
  • 1盒共有2套六色積木

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六色積木是2013年由南非CARE FOR EDUCATION及樂高設計出一套簡單易用的教學工具,透過玩遊戲鼓勵及增進幼兒及家長彼此溝通用途


  1. Perceptual Skills Development (感知技能)
  2. Literacy Skills Development (讀寫能力)
  3. Numeracy Skills Development (認知數字能力)
  4. Groups and Games (團體遊戲)
  5. Physical Skills Development (體能)
  6. Social-Emotional Skills Development (社會-情緒學習能力)

Packages included 12 pcs of LEGO 2×4 Duplo 6-color Bricks (2 sets of Duplo Six Bricks)

Six Bricks is one of the LEGO Foundation’s tools to introduce learningthrough play into different settings. Through fun, short and playful. activities with sets of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in six bright colours, children practice a range of skills.

With Six Bricks, an attempt has been made to include activities which are:
• open-ended
• will allow the child to create
• will provide an opportunity for the child to co-operate with others, whilst keeping a sense of self
• the teacher can scale up or down, according to the level of the child
• will be fun and inspire laughter and a love of learning

(Information Copy from Care For Education)


Download activities to try Six Bricks with your children or students at

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